3 full stops in text disappear on import[NOTED]

Not only all my dashes disappear when I import an RTF file from Word, the 3 full stops disappear also.


“Did you ever …” (Word)
“Did you ever” (as imported in Scrivener)

“Did you ever –” (Word)
“Did you ever” (Scrivener)

Because I use this very often in my novels it has to work properly.

I can’t duplicate this bug in beta 1.55 on Windows Vista Home Premium
Do you have any more info?
If you create a new document and “type test test test…” , and try and import that is the bug still there?

PS. The pedant in me wants to point out tyhat the “three dots” are called ellipses :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting this.

The ellipses have been fixed in 1.55, however, em and en dashes have been fixed in 1.6 which has not been released as yet - due in a week.