3 Ghosts (NiaD 2016)

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3 Ghosts was written as a Novella in a Day on June 17th, 2017.

Four versions were produced: Blue, Green, Orange and Red.

BLUE was written by:

Julia Pierce, J.D. Eckstrom, N.D. Robitaille
Keith Blount, Stephen Kittel, Conrad Gempf
Linda Weeks, Sam Pynes, Heather Lovelace-Gilpin
Wendy Christopher, Eric Christiansen, B. Morris Allen

GREEN was written by:
Gavin Danger, Tim Edwards-Hart, Astrid Stevens
Noé Ramalleira Fernández, Claire Woodier, Ian Philpot
Adela Torres, Kelsey McIntyre, Kimberlee Gerstmann
Alyssa Judson, Sue Cowling, Ron Ward

ORANGE was written by:
Kim Kneen, Rebecca Schuster, Alex Schuler
Pete Becker, Stephen Kittel, Nick Calvert
Greg Ray, Waleed Ovase, Ryker Hayes
Jaysen O’Dell, Luscinia Evan, David Johnson

RED was written by:
Julia Pierce, Wolf Baginski, Astrid Stevens
Kate Stuart, M. Peyton Culbertson, Jacqueline S Miller
Mike Devitt, Gil Rognstad, Ryker Hayes
Jaysen O’Dell, Michael Bywater, David Johnson

You can download the books for free here:




All of the versions were compiled using the Mac version of Scrivener. You can download the Scrivener project (which includes all the chapter briefs sent out to participants) here, along with the compile settings use to produce the books here.

The PDFS look great, but all the other files result in a 404 error (and the Scrivener links just timeout).

And, one tiny thing that you may, perhaps, want to check: “conscience”

In the meantime, I’m going to curl up and start reading 4 excellent novellas :smiley:

EDIT: the Scrivener file has downloaded (yay!), but the compile settings return a 404.

UPDATE: All downloaded now - thanks Pigfender! :smiley:

Okay, I’ve uploaded new versions of absolutely everything! Changes made:

  • Corrected the typo on the cover of all versions
  • Pete’s chapter was in the wrong book / place (sorry, Pete!) so versions GREEN and ORANGE now have a slightly revised running order.
  • Fixed the broken links so you should be able to download everything now!

Thanks to nom, Kimkneen and apsley for letting me know!

Feedback on the books, story, how Novella-in-a-Day works vs Novel-in-a-Day all welcomed once you’ve had a chance to read!

Thanks Rog!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in this!

If you’d have asked me at 10 minutes to deadline last night if I would ever do anything like this again… well, let’s just say that would not have been a good time to ask me. :blush:

But now, today, having seen the finished results and read lots of other people’s chapters (yeah, and mine, which is actually not quite as terrible as I was convinced it was at one minute to deadline last night) and the novellas as a whole… yeah, I think I would. It’s a heck of a challenge, for sure, but it’s a way of proving to yourself what you can be capable of when you’re under the gun, and that’s a valuable experience that I’m grateful to have been a part of with so many talented writers.

But I’d get my shizzle together a bit more next time - lock myself in a nuclear bunker, fake my own death for a day, that kind of thing… :wink:

Yours shizzle was more than enough t’gether! I’ll be checking your contributions, in a short while, looking for, and counting how many deletable expletives you’ve used. I won’t ask if you enjoyed yourself, cos it’s patently obvious :smiley:
Take care

Enjoying some fun bits of serendipity between chapters. Here is one I particularly enjoyed: I am in the Orange version, and the last bit in my chapter (seven, xmas-future) was having Lucas sucked into a void inside his oversized fridge. (I totally failed to pull that hair-raising scene off, but not the point here.) [Plot spoiler alert] Hilariously, in the final paragraph in the Orange volume, Lucas is about to take an important step. He doesn’t remember his experience with the Marley at that point – just a vague sense – but he has been thinking hard and this time not about (the chapter author tells us) something unimportant like “the cavernous cubic dimensions of the double door stainless steel fridge in his kitchen.” Wow, taken together, it’s a real haunting touch.


For anyone interested, I have once again put together a website which enables you to easily make your own bespoke edition of 3 Ghosts, i.e., survey the different chapter versions and mix and match them to your liking. You can find it here.

Awesome! Thanks gr! :smiley:

I noticed a fun one in “my” version — blue. At the end of my chapter (6), I wanted Edward to metaphorically “take the bait” laid out by Lucas. I decided to avoid the cliché by going more specific with a lure used for trout. To set that up, then, earlier in 6, I had some of Lucas’s workmates mention a fishing trip that Lucas and his superiors went on.

So I was delighted to read Stephen’s chapter 5 which mentioned, just as a throw-away apparently, a week-long fishing trip that Lucas went on with people from work!

On the other hand, the continuity blunders I inadvertently made are galling. I have my Edward say that he’s never tried drinking in ghostly form when (unknown to me, of course) the very first words of the very first chapter brief are “Edward has a few drinks…”

Many thanks for the links - I shall start reading all four as soon as I can! :slight_smile: Well done, everyone x

Eagerly awaiting an official figbender ‘3 Ghosts’ webpage – to which I could direct non-forumers and the uninforumed alike.



That’s now live!

Awesome! The PDFS look great! 8)

The whole operation now also has its own spiffy new domain site:


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Here there be mysteries.


Ghosts in the machines?

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Yup - it’s a popular (relatively speaking) post for spam. Why this thread? I don’t know, but it does have a high view to post ratio, so maybe that’s a trigger?

Still, it gives you an excuse to head over to the NiaD forum and think lovely NiaDy thoughts in the long long months between Octobers. :slight_smile:

In your next round of lucrative tie-ins, there should be a dark-colored sleep tee with ‘NiaDy Night’ written on it. A must-have gift for every chapter author’s significant other! Perhaps a very stylized face-plant on a keyboard could be worked into a version for chapter authors themselves.