3 layout mode + character manager.

I’m Scrivener user.
Sorry, I don’t speak English well.
So, this post(?) may be rude.

I tried to search.
but, may have missed the desired result.

I love ‘Scrivener’.
But, I want two option.

Open in new window. or 3 layout mode in Editor.

character integrated manager.
(this program Ukino DreamNote.)

↑ = 1+2.

Please, add.
this option.

Please… T_T)

I hope the image is displayed properly.

On the first point: yes to both, they will be available in the future.

On the second point: no plans to implement spreadsheet or database software into Scrivener! The Outliner is the closest thing to that idea, and it will be more powerful in the future, but I don’t think anywhere near what you are referring to.

A friendly answer, thank you. I am happy enough with the answer, and expect updates! :smiley: