3 versions of Scrivener now?

I just updated my Scrivener 1 and now I have writing in the old program, writing in the NaNo testing version, and the new Scrivener 2.0
How is everybody else handling this?? Especially those who are doing NaNoWriMo?

Relax. Your writing is not “in” the older programs. The project files are completely separate from the program file itself. The project files are probably in your documents folder, somewhere - wherever you chose to keep them when you created each project.

You can use Scrivener 2.0 to open any of your projects, regardless of whether they were created in 1.54, the NaNo trial, or 2.0 itself. Open 2.0, go to “open an existing file,” navigate to the project, open it. If it’s an older format, ie 1.54, 2.0 will prompt you to open the project in the newer format. You can safely do this. It will automatically save a copy in the older format as extra insurance, but nothing will go wrong. Once you’ve done this, and 2.0 “knows” where you keep your projects you’ll be able to use the “open recent projects” button to work on your stuff, just the way you always have.


Thanks, William for that. But what about the NaNoWriMo template? Does it transfer to Scriv 2 automatically if you open the document in 2? Or is there a need to import that template into Scriv 2 from Scriv NaNoWriMo?

Okay, starting to stretch my knowledge envelope a bit here… but as far as I know each Scriv project carries its own template information, so if you use 2.0 to open a project started in the NaNo trial issue of Scriv my guess is you’ll be fine - it’ll be just the same.


Although the NaNo template is not provided with the regular 2.0 version, once you’ve created a project form the NaNo template, it’s just a regular project and will be opened in the new 2.0. So, if you have created a project from the NaNo template, you can carry on working in it in the regular 2.0 version and it will be exactly the same. The only difference is that you can’t create a new project in the NaNo template format from the new 2.0, because it doesn’t have that template with it. Templates are just the frameworks for creating new projects; once the project is created, it doesn’t rely on the template it was created from in any way. The NaNo template is really just a very slightly modified version of the regular novel template, by the way.


Thank you William and Keith. The project being separate from the program clarified things for me.

Dang! I just finished installing my 2.0 update, and didn’t realize that I should have installed the special NaNoWriMo version to get the NaNo template. Is there no way to get it separately?

You can still download it here, though I would recommend at this point to only use it to get the starter template out, and maybe save the special compile settings to a file as well. It comes with a compiler preset that will garble your text for submission to the NaNo server. After that, the official 2.0 version will be a better base to work from, as it has incorporated bug fixes.

Actually my 2.0 has a copy of the NaNo template under “miscellaeneous” in the opening template collections…


You might have acquired it manually somehow. I have a copy of both the template and the exporter on my system because I installed them by hand when creating them. If you at any point updated the template or did anything to cause Scrivener to create a copy on the disk, it should remain even after you upgrade to official 2.0.