3-window sync?

newbie Q:
right now I have my workspace set up with Binder on the left, Corkboard in the middle, and Text on the right
(which is excellent, I’m loving the program so far)
but is there any way to synchronize the three windows so that when I click on something in the Binder list, say, it automatically highlights that index card on the corkboard AND opens the text in the writing window?
thanks very much,
Rolf in MA

No, there’s no way to auto-load both editor windows at once. You can however link the two editors, if you haven’t already done so, and then you can use the binder to load the corkboard, say, and click on the card of interest there to load the text in the other split. Use the ⇄ button in the footer to link the editors (it will appear when in corkboard or outliner mode)–when it’s blue, it’s turned on.

cool, thank you, that helps!