30 Best Writing Apps And Software

Here is my question. What makes this software “best”? What criteria are they using to differentiate what is “best” from anything else? I think I have the answer from the site itself “We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.” All the software is “for cost”, there is no mention of Scriveners 30 day trial for instance and the cost is way more than you would pay for Scrivener just going to the Scrivener web site. For a site to claim the “best” there is a total lack of “free” anywhere to be found.

That said, “buying” to try software that maybe worth having is hardly my criteria for selecting what is “best” for me. Of course, “free” doesn’t equate to useful or in any way equate to “must have”, but I would really like to have some other choices besides “Try now” or “Buy now” and be routed in in circular manner back to the original site rather than the owners site of the software.

For instance, Living Writer can eventually be reached only to find it is an AWS app that has pricing all over the board (you are paying them for computing time after all). You can import your work from Word and Scrivener, but what does it give you for output? And who can read that? AWS? It saves everything for you and makes backups of that every 10 minutes. No thanks.

Just because it is somebody’s buzz word ad filled with “new” or “improved” does not make it “best” or “better” than any other offering.


My concern is that they appear to have taken a kitchen sink approach to filling out an arbitrary list of thirty. When Grammarly, Scrivener, and Dragon all appear on the same list, one starts to think that they didn’t put a lot of thought into deciding what a “writing app” even is.


This is most likely the reason the list even exists. My bad for posting it.


Grammarly as a writing app… That’s the very first thing that caught my eye. (And the very last, too. — That’s about where I stopped reading.)

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On the other hand he gathers in one place a long list of writing related software, that was probably the reason I posted it.