30 day trial - tutorial issues


I am in the third day of my trial, and have had assorted problems. I am running Windows XP, but did not have the problem requiring the C++ Runtime installation. What has happened is that, as I have been working through the tutorial, Scrivener has crashed a number of times, just completely disappeared from the screen while Windows itself moved on merrily as if nothing had happened. I learned that if I saved frequently I got a rather lengthy period without crashes, and then they started again. Meanwhile I began seeing oddities with the tutorial.

The first problem – a minor one that I figured I could work out later – was that I could not customize the index cards to show the pin in the corners. No matter what I did, I saw the color blocks. But no big deal, right?

Then I ran into a problem with the search results display, similar to the one Petersluken reported on May 4th. In my case, the first exercise with the search feature – the search for keywords – went without a hitch. But in Part 2 Step 13 I didn’t get anything in the search results display following the assigned search, though I set it up carefully as directed. I went back through the options choices several times and got nothing. When I tried searching for terms in that document, Part 2 Step 13, I could see the highlighted terms that were found.

I have started and restarted the tutorial several times, trying to get back to the original conditions that succeeded with the first search exercise. As I mentioned above, I have also saved files a number of times and fear that I now have a terrible jumble of them.

The first issue is the problem with the crashes. Once that gets sorted out, I would like to start over with Scrivener from the beginning. What would happen if I went back and reinstalled Scrivener from the download? That would allow me, hopefully, to restart with a clean slate. As I mentioned, I have only used it three days since the download, and would hate to do anything that lost me the rest of the free trial.

Thank you very much for any suggestions.