32bit vs 64bit

I have been trying to use Scrivener across platforms. I have purchased Scrivener 3 for both Mac OS and for iOS. However, I do not use the Mac very often. I write both on my iPad, and on my Ubuntu Linux machine. Up till now, I have been using the betas of Scrivener 3 for Windows in Ubuntu, via Wine. This mostly works fine for me; I only go to the Mac when there are advanced/abstruse features that don’t seem to work well under Windows/Wine.

However, for Scrivener to work under Wine, I have had to download the 32bit betas, rather than the 64bit. Ubuntu has announced, however, that they will not support 32bit any more after their next update (which is due in October 2019). Does this mean that I will no longer be able to use Scrivener 3 for Windows under WIne? What are my alternatives?

thanks for any help/guidance on this anyone can give.

Ubuntu seems to backtrack from that announcement somewhat, though: blog.ubuntu.com/2019/06/24/stat … -20-04-lts

They specifically mention WINE as one of the reasons.

You might want to try Scrivener under Proton, as well. Steam has a vested interest in 32-bit support, since a lot of older games are also 32-bit. It’s a reasonable assumption to make that they would figure out some means of 32-bit support going forward.

I’m currently using Scrivener with Crossover, in a 32 bit bottle. The only problem is that starting with 19.9.10 you can’t put your registration information in and have it recognized.

Are you by any chance in your system firewall doing domain black/whitelisting for the licensing service Scrivener uses? If so, they just switched, which is why 19.9.10 got put out. You would need to update your firewall settings to allow the connections to the new licensing server.

Oh yeah, you need dotnet 4.5 to get it to register. Winetricks will install it, since there are some tweaks needed. You should be able to go back to your default windows version (7 or 10) after it’s registered.

That Ubuntu will only be released as a 64 bit install has no bearing on support for 32 bit applications. They will still run fine in a 64 bit Ubuntu. Don’t worry about not being able to run Wine and Scrivener, it will work fine.