42nd Anniversary

Today my wife and I celebrate 42 years of marriage.

We adopted two boys. Now we have a wonderful daughter-in-law, five delightful, loving grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

That year, the high temp was 10°F, and we stood in the snow banks for photos, then that night it got down to -40°F (temp, not wind chill).

Hearty congratulations to you both. Here’s wishing you both many more to come. :smiley:

That seems to suggest Alaska, Greenland, or the Polar icecaps. :confused: Almost a cold as Stockport.
Best Wishes to you both and your family.

Hell of a way to celebrate your anniversary! :smiley: :wink:

Congrats on (what I presume is) 42 years of happiness. I only hope Mrs Pigfender and I are as lucky.

Thanks. We actually adopted the boys (brothers, 8 and 6 from Korea) in 1978. So, yeah, my wording was not very precise. :mrgreen:

Thank you. Actually, northern Minnesota on the Iron Range. Coldest weather I have ever experienced was -59° (temp) and -110°F (wind chill).

That is why we are FROM Minnesota, and not in Minnesota! :mrgreen: We live in southern California, in the mountains with some snow (like today!), but it is mild winters and relatively cool summers.


Wow, congrats! :slight_smile:

They called them “8” and “6”? OMG that’s terrible! :smiling_imp:

Sorry. :blush:
It’s the chapter I’m working on. It’s got me in a horrific deliberately mis-interpretative mood.
Luckily Mrs Pigfender is out at the moment otherwise my odds of getting anywhere near your 42 years would be shortening exponentially.

Actually, the great thing about “8” and “6,” is that there aren’t any other kids with the same identifier. Of course, now that they are 42 and 40, it makes it tougher. And we can’t invest in changing their names every year.