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Hi Beta Testers,

I have uploaded beta 1.9 this morning as I know many of you are keen to get your hands on it over the weekend. I have a busy day today running the kids around for sport etc. basically it’s Dad’s taxi service day. So, I’ll be succinct and try and get online again later today when I have a little more time.

If you’re ‘Check for Updates’ option on the help menu is not working you can either download the full install from http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com or run the autoupdate-windows.exe manually (i.e. double click the file). It resides in the Scrivener\liveupdates directory. The benefit of running the autoupdate-windows.exe directly is that it’s approx a third of the size as the full installer.

Bugs Fixed in this release include:

  1. Ability to set a whole host of Edit>Options including: background editor color and text. These colors will also be reflected in full screen as well. Some folks might wish to change their poll votes in light of this?

  2. Ability to change font size and type for project notes and document notes.

  3. Ability to set a default zoom level for new projects to any value you wish.

  4. Ability to set a default zoom level for project notes.

  5. Ability to set a default zoom level for document notes.

  6. Fixed scrolling zoom issue i.e. now doesn’t need to scroll through text before it zooms.

  7. Fixed empty find and replace string. Now replace button is enabled without the need for a replacement value.

  8. Ability to remember general location in a document when you leave and return to it i.e. it does not return to top, but rather in the area (not exact location) you were working before so you should not need to scroll.

  9. Fixed the ability to show sub document counts in binder.

  10. Ability to View>Use Label Color in Binder. Yes, there’s was lots frustrated people who should now be appeased with this missing feature - which I simply missed.

  11. Just for good measure, added ability to reflect label color in binder icons and also in outliner.

  12. Fixed crash perfectly reported by wfence here:https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/crash-show-text-view-show-corkboard-view-bug-logged/11483/1

  13. Fixed ‘Copy without Annotation and Footnotes’. This was in the menu but never implemented. It works now.

  14. Added several potential fix options for auto-update as many users were not able to run it from the menu, or the dialog did not function properly i.e. non functioning/crashing ‘Close’ button. For the life of me I can’t duplicate this, it could be firewall/virus protection? So, I’ve added a few duplicate options to the ‘Check for Updates’ menu to see if one works better than the other.

  15. We are also starting to look at performance and profiling tools to begin optimizing Scrivener as we have not done this yet.

  16. Fixed remembering previous save locations in dialogs wherever save or saveas is used.

  17. Folder retains content icon even though it is empty bug fix.

  18. "Novel Standard Manuscript Format” line spacing is set was set to 1.0, not 2.0 - fixed.

  19. Several Compile draft bugs have been addressed including page breaks, line spacing etc.

  20. Font size in About Scrivener and Check for Update dialogs has been addressed i.e. it’s readible now.

  21. We have speed up the Scrivener start up time. It is now 80% faster than it was previously.

Next, week we aim to continue looking into optimizing Scrivener performance as well as sort out all the remaining compiler bugs and a whole swag of others.

Note: The linux build is also available from http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com

Take care,


I built a .deb for 1.9 and made it available as a torrent. See https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/heres-the-deb-for-1-9-linux-beta/11676/1 for details.