Hi All,

There’s been some tough decisions made this week. Principally, Scrivener for Windows will remain in beta for at least another 7 weeks. The decision was a tough one as the quality of the software is already very good. So, the catch-22 is how good is good enough. Both Keith (Scrivener’s original creator) and I agree that Scrivener should be a cut-above and we should resists the urge to simply release just for the sake of it. So, whilst the refinements themselves will not take 7 weeks or anywhere near that, personal plans and circumstances across the teams have led us to a late May date. It’s not any particular issue with the software - as you’ll clearly be able to ratify yourselves if you download later this week.

The good news for all of you is that you can continue using Scrivener on Windows and Linux. I will be ‘eating my own words’ by releasing a new beta Friday afternoon, Sydney time, this week with an expiry date in June 2011. This has more fixes which I’ll post later on and our first round of performance improvements which includes a ~500-1000% increase in binder responsiveness, and addresses many of the bugs logged on my last post.

It’s all come together rather nicely.

Yours, learning the value of patience and perseverance.

Sounds great Lee! Better a little late but perfect rather than trying to rush it out.

The “binder responsiveness” sounds especially yummy. I’ve often found some slowish behaviour when moving things around in the binder but I never mentioned anything because I felt there were more pressing concerns, as evidenced by all the feedback. But the app seems rock-solid now and it sounds like you’re really putting the “finishing touches” on it at this point. Awesome!

(BTW, you mean 5th of April, right? :stuck_out_tongue: )

EDIT: Oops, my mistake. Anyway thanks for the update Lee I’m fine with it. :smiley:

Appreciation to Lee and Keith:

Your devotion to producing quality software for writers has my admiration. I know the decision to delay the final version of Scrivener for Windows for a few weeks can not have been easy. For me it just affirms my belief that Scrivener for Windows will be an outstanding piece of software. I am very pleased with beta 2.1 and look forward to using the next beta on Friday. Lee, you and your team are doing outstanding work. Keith, your desire to produce quality software and your support for writers is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Personally, I’m fine waiting a few more weeks (thought it was tempting fate calling the last Beta the ‘final’ one) but I do have one slight concern though…

My hard won NaNoWriMo winners discount apparently runs out in May. Scrivener will be released in time for me to use it, correct?

I like the sound of binder responsiveness. :slight_smile:


Hello All,

We will naturally ensure that all NaNoWriMo 50,000 verified word coupons are honoured! :smiley:

Please go to nanowrimo.org/ and log into the ‘Winner Prizes’ area in good time to secure your coupon code though. Many thanks.

All the best,

:smiley: Look forward to the update and I can now save up :smiling_imp: without raiding the grandchildren’s piggy bank :smiling_imp:

Lee, the immediate relaxation of mind felt on reading your post suggests that you and Keith and team have made an excellent decision here.

You are right: the software is already very good – and it is entirely useful. We are using it.

Yet getting what I’ve called ‘polish’ on the open edges and the sketchy places is what is going to make the release show the truest nature of Scrivener Windows, to everyone who will then come to call, and from all the points of view they can come from.

You’ve been going about 1000 miles an hour – and now a pace that allows reflection can have its great benefits. All is proved beyond doubt about your ability to design and to produce – and about the quality you really seek for it.

A big thank you to all involved – and I think that includes some families, to be sure.

I am sure we’ll all be there to work the rest of it with you – and all the while appreciating the wisdom.

Best regards,

p.s. offer is still open to help keep funding afloat, if usefulness. Maybe there’s a simple way to have a progressable account, so individuals could put a for-present-use payment. Especially if full prior pay for a release makes discomfort, which i could appreciate, and like your ethics there. Life is not a sure thing, but Scrivener Windows feels as sure as any, and it has sounded that some of us can work with that, in balance with our own financial situation – something I consider rather carefully myself.

By the way, other people sometimes have paid betas; ExpressionEngine as an example, and it wasn’t optional. Maybe a way this could work here is the fact that it would be entirely voluntary, for those who have asked to have it. Such a delicate thing, isn’t it, the feeling of a project – and also reckoning a desire to help.

Hmm. I’m thinking about any hazards for yourselves also, so this is another one that takes a really careful judgement about. I know we will all respect keeping things to the status quo, if that’s the choice. Just know we think about you guys.

I’d certainly pay for it now. Used it non-stop since the first beta release in November. This is one software release I cannot wait to pay for. It doesn’t necessarily make me a better writer but any problems are now with my writing. It’s a lot less stressful now I don’t how to wrestle with x number of software or endlessly adapt my workflow to meet the needs of the software.

It’s great having software that will adapt with me rather than work against me. I can’t believe you have let us have this wonderful software for four months and not paid a single penny yet.

+1 ready to pay for it now. I’ve paid for software that didn’t come closer to Scrivener’s originality and usability.

Anyway, there’s a disconcerting beauty in waiting for an improved version of a thing that we like so much as it is. Let’s call it a metaphor for love.

I dread to think how much I’ve spent over the years…

Ohh! Pay for Beta now and get lifetime free updates and new versions??? Maybe I’m dreaming. I’m in for paying for this too, I’ve used it so much and it is already very, very good.

I just wanted to add to the chorus here. I’m also willing to pay for the beta prior to release, as I’m finding the product usable for my purposes and well worth the ‘price of admission’. While I’m eager to see the product catch up to the Mac’s level of functionality, it’s clear you’ve crafted a fine product and waiting another month for the release is both acceptable and logical given the circumstances.



Thanks all for your understanding and patience. As Lee has said, there is nothing major wrong with Scrivener for Windows now - quite the opposite - but we do want to take the time to add the spit and polish we think it deserves. Lee has done an incredible job on bringing the essence of Scrivener to Windows, and I’m amazed at how much using the Windows version feels just as at home as using the Mac version I have laboured so long on. But just because the Mac has a reputation for being prettier than Windows, we don’t want to skimp on interface tweaks in the Windows version - Lee’s secret ambition is to make the Windows version even better than the Mac version eventually after all (ha! Neverrrrrrr!). We therefore want to take this final few weeks to fine tune every interface element and really make Scrivener for Windows zing, while ensuring the trial code works well and fixing up what’s left to be done. (I have no idea why I just used the word “zing” - it’s been a long day.)

No matter how much Lee does, there is still bound to be a lot more to be done after 1.0 - I know that from painful experience :slight_smile: - but we really hope that 1.0 will meet expectations and then some.

Thanks again!
All the best,

Shiny shiny.

This is a spit 'n polish thing, but the “Open in External Editor” context menu option is available for text documents in the binder. It doesn’t do anything, and going off the Mac version where this option isn’t available for text items, I don’t expect it to, but having it there and just unresponsive is disconcerting.

Zip, pizazz, and sizzle?

I am disappointed that it has not been release yet after it was announced twice that it might come out as early as April. Now it looks like maybe June? Can’t help but feel sad.

My two cents.

Don’t feel sad. I rather it be as close to perfect when it’s ready for purchase. I’m actually excited for the longer wait, we might get an extra and unexpected surprise in the final version.

Don’t feel sad. Even if the program is in beta, it’s still completely usable.

That being said, I am a bit sad as well that it’s not going to be released quiet yet. But, knowing you guys are working to make it better more than makes up for that.