Å Ä Ö disappeared on indexcards

So I write in swedish. We have some weird letters, like Å Ä Ö. When I installed 025 they changed into questionmarks in the text on my indexcards on the corkboard . It’s only on the indexcards, the text in the draft looks like it should.
It’s not a big problem, but a bit annoying … Is there a way to make it right without going through them all and changing them one by one?


This was actually a bug in 024, that the extended Unicode characters didn’t save properly in the .txt files that are the synopses. They looked correct when you first typed them, though usually if you closed and reopened the project you’d see the question marks; but even from the get-go the character wasn’t saved properly to the underlying file. So I’m afraid there’s not a way to fix it other than re-entering the characters, since they’re not just not displaying but are really not there at all.

Good news is that it looks like 025 is saving the characters correctly, at least in the tests I just ran, so you shouldn’t have to go through this again. But I’d double-check first and just enter the characters on one card, then close and reopen the project and make sure they’re still correct before you enter them all. And if they aren’t, please do let me know so I can make sure we keep this on the list of bugs that need addressing. Thanks!