A backup could not be created at [path]

Hello. I keep getting the message above whenever I try to save or close a particular Scrivener project. It then says underneath ‘The project could not be copied to the specified location. Please check that you have enough free disk space and the correct permissions.’

The project is being saved to the same place as all my other projects, which have no problems. (And the error remains if I change the backup location, so I just use the default.) The backup files for this project seem to be there and are roughly the right size, but I always get the error, and one of the documents in the project loses its notes and synopsis all the time. I’ve since deleted that document, but the error remains.

I’m using version 2.4 on an up-to-date copy of Mountain Lion, running on a late-2008 aluminium unibody MacBook.

Can anyone help?

Thanks very much,


It could be this warning is popping up for another reason than what it describes. Sometimes a specific error triggers another error resulting in a confusing message. The first thing I would try is temporarily disabling zip compression in the backup preferences tab, and then using File/Back Up/Back Up Now on the project in question. Does a backup appear with no fuss?

Also, are you purchase from Apple’s App Store? The two versions are fundamentally very different when it comes to saving files on account of the sandboxing restrictions required of MAS software. To be clear it should work fine—but it would help to know so we can test your results with the right setup.