A big jumbly mess - aka consolidation hell

So in preparation for today’s writer’s workshop (and a pending iOS app purchase) I am trying to find/consolidate all of my existing Scrivener projects. Holy crap…

So first I have to find them and re-organize them. But I have also discovered some folders with only a binder.scrivproject file, no .scrivx - is this an old Windows version file, or a Mac file? I’ve used both versions, just haven’t owned a Mac in about five years.

Just out of curiosity, will the iOS version read these files?

aaaaand, to answer my own question, I present…myself! I hate repeating me…


I think the iOS question still stands, though…

No. iOS Scrivener can only read (Mac) Scrivener 2.8 and newer projects.


And Windows 1.9.7 and newer projects, right?

Correct. – Katherine