A biography of a forgotten polar explorer...

Hi everyone,

Today is a happy day.

After two years of research & writing & editing & rewriting & reresearching ad infinitum, I noticed my publisher has announced my book on their website, which means its not long until it hits the stores - http://happyjam.no/Websted/Nyheter.html

The rather cumbersome title you can see in the front page here…

…translates into something like this:

“but then April 9th came in the way…” - Adolf Hoel - the forgotten polar pioneer.

Adolf Hoel was a Norwegian geologist born in 1879 - to cut a long story very short: He spent every summer between 1907 to 1925 on Spitsbergen, mapping and exploring what was then a terra nullius. His research and work on the Arctic island was paramount in the process that in 1920 led to Norway being given the sovereignty of Spitsbergen. Then he founded the research organisation that later became the Norwegian Polar Institute, tried to snatch eastern Greenland out of Danish rule, lost, became fed up with Norwegian politics, joined the Norwegian Nazi party in 1933, yet snatched a part of Antarctica away from a secret German expedition in 1939, became principal of the University in Oslo during the war and ended up being convicted for treason against his country in 1949 and fell into virtually total oblivion after that until his death in 1964.

General info on Hoel:

A story I wrote about the Greenland occupation (in English):

Another story about a Greenland expedition Hoel sendt out in 1941, that became the first US Naval capture during WWII - a STRANGE story (also in English) :

Anyway - just needed to SHOUT it out to you guys. :slight_smile:

Of course, the whole experience wouldn’t have been so smooth and happy if it wasn’t for Scrivener. So - thanks, KB! I’m already shuffling index-cards around sorting out the initial disposition of the next book…


Heartiest congratulations Frode, and every best wish for success! :smiley:
I`ll have a good read about how the Vikings tried to steal Greenland :open_mouth:
Take care

did he discover Megatron frozen in the ice? sorry, just finished watching The Transformers.


Oh, congratulations! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: It sounds fascinating! I’ll watch for it here in the States!

Congrats Chef!

Thanks all!

If all goes well, the book launch will be at the library of the Norwegian Polar Institute June 19th… so get your travel agency on it and join the HORDES of press people & historians who will all show up to watch history get rewritten…

…and free coffee & snacks! :slight_smile:


F, happy.

I suppose thatll be Viking Hordes :confused: will it? Damn!! Ive just checked my diary, and it transpires, Le Ds got an appointment with his therapist that day, Shit!! Merde!! Scheiße!! Mierda!! Ah well Ill just have to watch it on BBC`s 9 O Clock News.
:smiley: Congrats Frode :wink:

Might very well be as savage as a horde of vikings at least: The Norwegian Historian association are having their yearly (?) meeting in town the day after… - well known for their Berserker-approach to fungus…or something…damn this allergy season is draining my brain.