A bit if formatting help please (some urgency)

I purchased Scrivener 3 after using Scrivener 2, assuming the fuctionality would be the same, My first act with the new software was to import a Microsoft word document, the novel I had been working on and had recently sent to an editor. (They like to get things in the Microsoft word format.) Anyway, after her feedback, I wanted to import the Word file back into Scriverner. I did this and then split the manuscript into all of the smaller scenes that made it up. So far so good. But unlike Scrivener 2 these scenes were outside of any kind of manuscript folder. So the first thing I noticed was that word counts were limited to whatever scene I was working on. Where was the Manuscript folder? I found it at the bottom of the binder list rather than at the top. I moved it to the top. The Novel template is divided into Parts, Chapters and Scenes but I only wanted to use Parts and Scenes. So how to change that? I I don’t need the chapters folders but can’t seem to get rid of them. The 2nd thing I wanted to do was getting total manuscipt word count working again. At the moment it still only giving me the word counts for the individal scenes and I need the manucript totals. Also I hope hope hope the compile feature works the same. That’s all for now but, because this manuscript is due in five days, I need to solve these issues. Thanks

Compile in V3 is different — it’s actually simpler conceptually and yet more flexible, but with a deadline only 5 days away, it’s probably not the ideal time to try to get to grips with it.

What you want to do is easily achievable, but in the circumstances the best advice I can give you is to put Version 3 to one side until after the deadline. Just download Version 2 again and use that as you’re comfortable with it. As you’re only going to be using it for a week, I wouldn’t even bother relicensing it (though you can — just use the V3 licence key) as the trial will be long enough.

When the immediate deadline is over, then they’ll be plenty of time to get to grips with Version 3.


I don’t use Mac, so haven’t used Scriv 3 yet, but I hang out on the forums quite a bit and have a sense of where the new release is different from V2 and where it isn’t. I can address the points in your post.

It’s a major upgrade. Biggest in years. So big they have charged us for it. Things have changed. A lot.

I don’t believe the functionality of structuring things in the Binder has changed at all. For setting up your Parts and Scenes structure, have you tried simply dragging and dropping the items where you want them to be? You can drag the Parts where you want them within the Manuscript folder, then drag Scenes into the Parts. When you are done with the Parts and Scenes, click on each of your Chapters and then select Move to Trash.

If you get your Parts and Scenes into the Manuscript folder as above, and you don’t have anything in the Manuscript folder but the Parts and Scenes, your total manuscript count should be correct.

V3 Compile has changed dramatically. Read the V2 to V3 upgrade guide here:


Greg, if you are under a deadline, then you picked a really bad time to upgrade and just added a certain amount of stress to your life. How much stress is hard to say, but based on the relatively basic level of your questions, learning the new release while getting your manuscript out may be asking too much.

I recommend that you give yourself a defined period of time (half day? whole day?) with the new release and see if you can make it work. Go through the upgrade guide as suggested above. Don’t try this without reading the upgrade guide. Basically this a trial, to see if you think you can figure out the new version and complete your actual work.

At the end of that period, decide whether using V3 is feasible for you during this critical time.

If so, come back here with questions as challenges arise.

If not, downgrade your scrivener version to 2.9, which is the last version of the Scrivener 2 series. Your V3 license will work with 2.9. I believe you can run both V3 and V2.9 concurrently. In V3, you will need to Export your project in V2 format, to work on it in V2.9 again.


Another alternative is to ditch Scrivener for this round of edits and continue working in Word to meet your deliverable. What Scrivener functionality are you using to help you get through this point in your process? If you are doing a lot of reorganization of your manuscript, then the Scrivener binder will help. But if you are just going through and reviewing/incorporating/making edits, then you might be better off staying in Word at this point.

ETA: I see that Brookter had already responded while I was typing my tome, and much more succinctly! What he said!


OK. I did some quick checking and I notice if I opened up a “blank” project things were much simplified. However now I need to get my current project out of “Novel” format and into “Blank” format. Should be as simple as moving the various scenes out of the one project and into the other but, again, there doesn’t seem to be a way of doing that.

I tired moving over the individial scene which seemed to work, only the scene names show up in italics and I still can’t do a combined word count. As to the suggestion that I download Scrivener 2 and proceed from there, I not sure that will work. Here’s why. In between the time that I imported the Word Document and broke it back up into its component scenes, and the time I tried to get those scenes to work within the novel format, I used Pro WritingAid to check the word use in each of those scenes. I then saved those edited scenes back into Scrivener 3. What I don’t know is whether I can move scenes saved in Scrivener3 into Scrivener 2.

In Scrivener 3:

File > Export > as Scrivener 2 project

Hope this helps!