A Blogger's Request

I’m loving Scrivener and in fact, it’s up there with my Olympia SM9 as a writing tool. Now Scrivener has settings for screenwriting and comedians but what about bloggers? I’d love to see Scrivener offer a setting for bloggers that lets content get posted directly to our blogs in the same way that scribefire or deepest sender addons for firefox do.


There are so many different blogging tools and blog systems that it would be very difficult to please everyone, and, while Scrivener can no doubt be used for blogging, blogging isn’t really Scrivener’s purpose. Adding a lot of networking code to post blogs to the internet and trying to manage that would be an enormous undertaking, and there are already good blogging programs out there, such as MacJournal. For those who do want to use Scrivener for blogging, they can always use the Edit > Copy Special commands to copy as HTML or BBCode and paste into a blog.

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Keith, I think you’re being characteristically modest. If a blog involves real writing and research, then Scrivener is great for the job. For all the reasons Scrivener is great for other genres: Keeping track of ideas and texts, planning, accessing material when and how one wants it. It’s not an awkward fit by any means. And as one’s blog tends to feed other projects, there’s an advantage in being able to move blog material into other parts of the Scrivener universe. That has been my experience, anyway.

Using ‘copy as HTML’ is easy and, to me, simply the blog analogue to compiling my draft and pushing it out into a NeoOffice or Word file.

Two cents from someone who used MacJournal but happily switched to Scrivener for blogging when 2.0 came out.

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Thanks David!

I’m also been trying to find a good way of using Scrivener for blogging (WordPress) and here’s the process that I’ve settled on. It uses Scrivener for writing and TextMate (on the Mac) for conversion:

  1. Do all my writing in Scrivener, using it to manage drafts, etc.
  2. Use the Markdown syntax for all formatting (instead of using Scriviner’s formatting tools)
  3. When I’m finished writing a blog post, copy the text, paste it into TextMate and use the built-in Markdown->HTML conversion tool to make WordPress-friendly HTML (Bundles -> Markdown -> Convert document to HTML)
  4. Paste resulting HTML into WordPress and press publish

It might seem a little lengthy, but it’s actually not that bad and it’s the only solution I’ve found that works. The HTML that Scrivener outputs contains all kinds of extra formatting that screws up WordPress formatting, so that’s why writing in Markdown and converting using TextMate is necessary.

Hmm. I find that “Copy as HTML (Basic) Using

etc” is the type of copy that plays nice with the site for which I blog. And with TypePad.

I don’t know much about HTML, though. Just reporting that in my experience the extra step hasn’t proved necessary.


Is that “Copy as HTML (Basic) Using

etc” something new in 2.0? I don’t see it in v1.54… or maybe I’m just missing something… I thought the only way to get HTML was to do File → Export → Files… and then select “Export main text as…” and choose HTML at the bottom.

Yup, it’s a 2.0 thing. Sorry, I didn’t realize you were talking about an earlier incarnation of Scrivener.


I’m quite happy to use Mars Edit (now in the new App Store) for marking up the text, adding graphics, and managing the file transfers to the blog hosts.

Believe it or not, I write my blog posts in TextEdit.
It’s RTF, lets me add links and set pictures.
Then I copy and paste the file into a blank window in Blogger.
Add a title, hit Preview to see how things look, and then Publish.
It gets around a persistent problem I had when composing on Blogger.
That being font size. It always came out looking too small.
So in TextEdit, I write in 14-point Times New Roman, and it looks right.
Crude, but effective. (Story of my life.) :mrgreen:

Another way round WP idiosyncrasies:
A free applet (WPWriter, <http://www.mhvt.net/quicktime/eng/wpwriter.php>) lets you drag final copy into an open window, apply basic markup, then copy/paste into the WP window.
No direct feed; you do need to use a browser. But it’s small and efficient, and saves trying to manage a lengthy post in the itty-bitty browser window you get with WP.

These all seem like good strategies to me. My reason for keeping things in Scrivener is that I often post about inter-related subjects and academic research, and the material also relates to other writing projects. So I like having all that Scrivener power – find anything, keep track of DOI numbers (which I have as a Custom Meta-Data category) pdfs on hand, relevant links stored so I can get them without having to click on them to open the browser, etc. Then too Scrivener is my writing home and I like not having to change to another app for one kind of writing.

But MarsEdit and MacJournal are fine apps. And I didn’t know even TextEdit would serve, too.