A couple of feature requests

  1. It would be great to be able to delete individual items from the Trash by right-clicking on them, instead of only being able to empty the entire Trash in one go, as is currently the case. Sometimes it’s handy to delete individual items from the Trash and leave behind others.

  2. It would be great to have a ‘format painter’ tool, similar to the one in Word. This one may already be in there, in which case I just can’t find it. :slight_smile:

If that’s your normal method of working, you can easily do it yourself; just create a new folder (called ‘pre-trash’ or whatever) at the same heirarchy level as the Draft/Research/Trash folders, and instead of deleting files place them in there. Then when you really do want to delete a file, put it in the real trash…

There is a ‘format painter,’ in two forms, actually. It comes with the text system that is being used. You can copy and paste ruler styles, which include paragraph spacing, margins, and all of that. You can also copy and paste font settings and colours. The commands for these are tucked away in the Text menu, under Ruler and Font, respectively. There are also key commands to make the task faster.

And ditto Antony’s response. Trash for things you really are done with. If you work style is to put things into a holding pattern while you decide whether or not to really delete them, then create a folder and move it right above the trash. Unfortunately you cannot send items directly to the pre-trash folder with one keystroke, but the Move To menu comes in handy.

Sorry to resuscitate this old thread, but I’m so happy that I found the equivalent of the format painter! Since this is such a big feature for Word exiles like me, it might be worth highlighting inside the app.

Personally, I was confused (and frustrated) when I “copied styles” and nothing happened. The only style I wanted copied was the font style, which didn’t occur. Giving the feature a button (my preference), or unburying it from the Text menu, would probably make a lot of users like me quite happy.

As always, thanks for the amazing work on the app. It is consistently amazing.