A couple of things ....

Hi again.

I was wondering if any of these might make the list for the next release (or the one after if you’ve already decided on a feature freeze).

  • An option to show the scene break characters string in the ‘edit scrivenings’ view
  • The ability to have a header and a footer - because every so often, I like to ask … :smiley:
  • When you choose to snapshot an item, a dialog box comes up with a default description (the date?), which you can change.
  • Screenplay (this is probably impossible). When tabbing across to Parenthetical, could you add the parentheses and leave the cursor between them?

Hope that wasn’t too painful … :slight_smile:

Already added as an option in the Preferences for 1.5.

Again, already possible in the new Compile Draft in 1.5.

You can already add a description via Take Snapshot with Title.

This one would be more tricky - but the brackets do already get added for you after you hit return if you don’t add them yourself.

All the best,

Blimey … :smiley:

Again … blimey … :smiley:
You didn’t add page margins by any chance ,did you? (Not a request, I’m just curious)

Bugger … :open_mouth:
How long has that been there?!

So it does … :astonished:
I can see why the cursor placement would be difficult though.

Thanks again for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.