A course syllabus template

After reading James Bleifus’ description of using Scrivener for course planning ( dfay.fastmail.fm/scrivener/Cours … mplate.zip

I use this with a BibDesk script which automatically generates a new rtf for a selected reference - I use BibDesk to put together a tentative reading list, export the rtfs & import them all into Scrivener, each as a separate document. I can then drag them around until I get the sequence / timing etc. of readings right, then clean up the formatting.

Compared to my experiences trying to use a word processor, spreadsheet, and OmniOutliner at different times for this process, Scrivener is much, much better.

Thanks for posting this, Derick!

Can this template be easily update for the Scrivener 2.0? Any suggestions on how to do this?


I figured it out and moved the file to the correct folder. Thanks for sharing!

I stumbled on this old conversation and can’t unzip the file using Scrivener 2.5. Do I need a workaround? Are there any other templates for syllabi in scrivener out there? Thanks!

I just imported it to Scrivener 2.5 and it is working ok.


You’ll need to extract the file from the zip first–just double-clicking it should do it. Then in Scrivener’s Project Templates window (File > New Project…), select “Import Templates…” from the Options menu button and select the extracted Course Syllabus.scrivtemplate. Once imported, it will appear in the Miscellaneous category.

double clicking sends me to a menu that lists lots of apps like adobe. What’s a good unzipper from the standard list that would pop up on someone’s mac? thanks!

Archive Utility is part of the bundled Mac software and usually the associated program for extracting zips. I’m not sure if you don’t have it for some reason, it’s corrupted, or it’s just been disassociated with the zip format, but I’d give it a try if it’s there. Look for it in /System/Library/CoreServices.

Ok, I think I’ve unzipped it, but now when I go to Scrivener, the “New Project” item is greyed out. I tried closing the program and re-opening it, still greyed out. I then shut down my computer and re-opened scrivener again - New Project still greyed out. I guess this is veering into other territory, but if you have any wisdom on this, that would be great. If not, I guess I’ll have to search other parts of the forum. thanks either way…

The only case I can think of where New Project wouldn’t be available is if you already have the Project Templates window open. Do you not see that? What do you see?

Aha! got it, and success! Thank you! :smiley: