A diary, journal template

hello, everybody.
i am starting a diary, but didn’t see a free software that interest me yet.
scrivener has a template that come next to that?
thank you

I write my journal in a Scrivener 3 project that I started from a blank template.

It allowed me to create my own template documents for different journal types and prompts, depending on what I might want to do with each entry.

I can also add folders for months, years, or whatever sorts of divisions seem appropriate.

thank you Ruth. I will give it a try

If you decide to set up something from a blank template, §7.5 in the Scrivener 3 manual explains how to create your own document templates and a folder to contain them. You can access a PDF of the manual from Scrivener’s Help menu.

I liked that flexibility since so many websites have example journal structures or prompts. I found a few different examples I liked and made a template document for each of them.

I can then use the small caret next to the green New Document plus mark to select whichever journal template I plan to use that day.