A dictionary and thesaurus pane

Hi KB,

I have dutifully searched and found this post to be somewhat relevant.

As I described tearaway pages (in the request for multiscreen support), it would save me lots of accumulated seconds (I always have Dictionary.app open and spend a lot of time alt-tabbing back and forth) if you could “borrow” the guts of it from Apple and frame it in Scriv such that it was integral with the application.

The benefits of this are clear. First, it does save time (in a past life, I was a Unix admin, and we positively lived for ways to save 2-3 characters off a command we used a lot; some of these were hoarded like an inheritance!). Second, Scrivener seems to disagree with Dictionary.app some times (is it using something like /usr/dict/words, which also disagrees sometimes?). Having it right there in a pane (like a pull-out drawer? THAT would be awesome, except I’d like it to have, like Dictionary.app, both the dictionary and the thesaurus in the same pane as long as I’m wishing here…) would be real useful in a situation that just came up now.

I’m pretty sure the word “carriage” can be used to describe the package of stuff you’d stack on a mule. I’m not positive, but I’m close enough to sure that I want to write it and just keep going without switching back to Dictionary.app, robbing me of seconds when I’m writing and distracting me (oh how fascinating that dictionary can be when you’re trying to work!) from what I’m doing. Does this make sense? Sort of stream of thought here, but I think I did an okay job of describing what I’m wishing for.


(and carriage? sure looks like I can use it, but it’s certainly not a modern or common use of the word. but “giant sack of stuff” doesn’t really do it justice and my editor smacks my knuckles when I use five words when I could have used one.)


There is no developer framework available for the Dictionary app, so there’s no way to provide its contents in a pane. I think that would add unnecessary clutter to the program anyway - so no plans for anything like this, sorry.

Thanks for the suggestion.

All the best,