A digital tipewriter only for Scrivener?

How about a digital typewriter exclusively dedicated to Scrivener? How would you like in this machine?

Could you explain this concept a bit further? I do not know what you mean by a “digital typewriter”.

A machine dedicate only for Scrivener with example a e-paper display (for my poor eyes :unamused: ) , mechanical keyboard, analogic radio FM, ect, but not a real computer, but only a machine for writing. I have seen the hemingwrite, but she is too limited for me.What I need is a comprehensive “study” of writing, a location (machine) that does not distract me, but let me do all the writing, all you can do Scrivener. I would see there is also a voice recorder for notes and a courtesy light to illuminate screen and keyboard… A machine that turns on and show only Scrivener, no frills and no folders subfolders etc.

This is technologically vague, artistically impractical, and economically high-risk. I can’t imagine anyone would actually try to develop such a machine.


If someone does, I’ll get in line to buy one.


really need that level of tech lock in?

It would not be hard to create if the tech was a bit more flexible. I’d even be willing to entertain the idea if folks are serious and L&L is willing to endorse the product.

Dead serious.

You say PJS? Then I’ll let you one thing. Did you find the crazy people (escapestudios.net). We are planning in this way and have contact Literature and Latte for support and
partnership. :mrgreen:

Antonio Ferrara

Yes, I did find them. The Hemingscriv idea, however, did not seem to be a close fit for their (your) other projects. Good luck anyway, and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Whatever it turns out to be.


Coming soon… We work at this project now. Codename project: Vanelope :mrgreen:

Vanelope project official Facebook page. :mrgreen: