A feature request (bc I don't know where else to put this)

It would be useful if, in the Binder or in the compiler, if a set of selected documents could be saved as a preference.

Example: Given documents A-Z in the Binder, I could save the selection A, Q, S.

Could then re-use the selection without having to manually do it. I think this used to be a feature absorbed by Scrivener 3.

I’d also like the same in the Compiler window for the same reasons.

I have no idea how hard this is.

This is what Collections do. – Katherine

Yeah, as noted, once you have a selection of documents you want to save for later, use the Documents ▸ Add to Collection ▸ New Collection menu command and give the “selection” a name. When you want to recall the selection in the future, switch to the collection with the Navigate ▸ Collections ▸ sub-menu, select the contents with ⌘A and hit the Navigate ▸ Reveal in Binder shortcut.

Another approach, if you don’t want to consume tabs for this process, is to create a document in the binder meant specifically to hold a “selection”, and drag the selection into this document’s Bookmarks list in the inspector, from which you can use the same Reveal in Binder trick as you can on a collection selection (tip: lock the editor to freely drag binder items into something’s bookmark list)

Bookmarks and collections are also symmetrical—you can drag a list of bookmarks into a collection list to populate it, and vice versa—so if you need some of the features a collection gives you that bookmarks don’t have, you can make a collection out of them, and on the flip side, making a bookmark list out of a collection is a way of “offlining” a collection while you don’t need it active in the tab list.

As for compiling: in the Contents tab on the right-hand side of the compile overview screen, click the funnel icon to the right of the compile group dropdown. That’s the filter button. Enable with the checkbox, and set the type of filter to “Include: Documents in Collection: X”—or of course you can filter by the current binder selection, which can be arrived at via either of the above methods.

Most of this was available in Scrivener 2 as well—but some of it has moved around or been improved.