A few questions on having Scrivener across multiple computers

If I buy Scrivener for a mac, is it only available for that specific mac? Would I have to rebuy the software if I wanted to put it on another MacBook?

I’m not sure how to phrase this question…Let’s say I wanted to buy an updated MacBook, like a new version of the air or pro, and move all my files there. Would I have to start all over again on Scrivener, meaning individually import all my files from Dropbox all over again, and style it the way I want it again, or is the software web account based where it would automatically save like that.

Your license is good for multiple machines in the same household.

The software does not store any of your information in a web account. (Unless you put it there, for instance in a Dropbox account.) But it’s a fairly simple matter to transfer preferences between machines. See this article for more information:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … e-customer


If I have a current backup on my old laptop, and just use that to set up a new laptop, would that preserve all my files innate and already set up with Scrivener?

I would recommend reinstalling Scrivener itself from a fresh download. Your files should be ready to use as soon as you transfer them, but don’t dispose of the backup or the old laptop until you’ve verified that.


I appreciate your assistance, you’ve been a huge help!
When I transfer the files will they already be in the same structure as I left them in Scrivener, or will I have to reorder them?

The organization of files within a Scrivener project is an integral part of the project. So no, it won’t change, assuming the project is transferred as a complete unit.