A few small bugs

I haven’t upgraded to beta, still on the release. Here are a few bugs I’ve found, that are not mentioned in the feature list:

Weirdness with numbering when you unindent. It doesn’t line up with the list it’s in and the numbers can get out of sync. It is tricky to work with two lists (especially with multiple levels of indentation) and copy/paste things around between them because of this.

In Scratch Pad, it allows typing illegal characters such as slashes. When you click OK and then come back in, it seems to have ignored your changes. Recommend either blocking the bad input, attempting to sanitize it, or else allowing those characters. It looks like the topic names are actually saved in the scratch pad folder, unlike how documents have their titles stored in the project XML file, so you probably can’t allow those characters too easily.

I hibernated, and when I came back, Scrivener had vanished. I thought it had silently crashed. In actuality it was still running. I ran Scrivener twice, and it misbehaved (not showing documents right, and showing a progress bar inside the document area). Had to kill Scrivener.exe in Task Manager. I gather that there is no global named mutex related to the project file to prevent two instances of Scrivener from working on the same project. Should there be?