A glass of Palin, anybody?

guardian.co.uk/world/oliverb … arahpalin1

Well!! It takes all sorts! :open_mouth:

Its not real wine unless its got a screw top.

I do not drink, I inhale.


Palin through a rolled up £20 note! :confused:
Youre a bit of a radical and a trend setter, arent y`? :smiling_imp:

I pity the poor wine makers of Palin wine. But it’s another good reason for drinking tea instead of alcoholic beverages. There is no tea called Palin, so no need to stop drinking something I love if I were so motivated. Can’t imagine one named McCain, either. So I’ll stick to tea and avoid the whole silly mess!

No tempest here!

What a mess! Boycotting “Palin” wine contributes about as much to the debate as calling French fries “freedom fries!” :angry:

God, am I tempted to pack up the husband and the cats and move someplace where people have brains! Any suggestions?

(Ohio’s definitely out of the question! cleveland.com/plaindealer/st … xml&coll=2)

Like NY is any better. I hear Cuba may be better than the US as long as you avoid that little prison colony…

BTW Has any one else noticed that Mr. K has an unhealthy obsession with US politics?

He’s just another working stiff passing a fine day off sitting in Tier II, Section IV (a nice section it is, too) at the Coliseum.


Non non, Mes Amis,
l’imbécile is kinky about pit bulls wearing lipstick!

Le`D :smiling_imp:

I’d call it rather “fascination,” and nothing unhealthy about it.

The problem is that so few in the US have any kind of obsession, fascination, or concern with politics at all. With politicians, yes, they are obsessed.

But politics? That requires thought, participation, enterprise.

Difficult. Time-consuming.

Much easier and more fun – and if you’ll look at recent headlines, vastly more expensive – to attend to the matter as if it were all just another soap opera, which one can turn off and forget about at bedtime.

GOC (as certified by M. le D.)


Does this mean I can’t watch Monty Python reruns (with Michael Palin) or “A Fish Called Wanda” ever again?

Fear not! My young Loxley, for if you cant get them over there, we, your Brit cousins, will get em for y.

No one can dethrone Mad Dog 20/20

Mr Wock

MAD DOG20/20 is sooo you :blush:

Its a wonder youre not recommending:

Do take care

Oh, this is priceless! :laughing:

nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/ … en/704042/

and… youtube.com/watch?v=eux7giLG7_g

All hail “Caribou Barbie!” :mrgreen:

You’ll love this! :mrgreen:

I guess this was only a matter of time! Worth the wait, though!!! :smiley:

Phil Sheenan has already posted this one, at :

However there are a lot more with Michael in now. It just gets better n better :laughing: