A good source for article submission.


Please read the Terms and Conditions very very carefully before submitting to any of the “article directories” listed in the previous post, or anywhere else for that matter. Also do a quick search for negative feedback about any site. There are lots of legitimate opportunities on the internet, but there are lots of scams out there, too.

If you could tell us a bit more about the kind of writing you do, we could probably provide more helpful suggestions.


Wow, a spammer who can be bothered registering two brand new accounts, just to post a question to introduce the follow up spam links…

(Apologies if the original poster is an innocent victim, but the follow-up makes it seem unlikely. One for the spam police, I expect).

Well spotted, Matt. The lack of the definite article before “internet” in both posts was a good indication that it was the same person posting; I then Googled some key phrases from the first post, and whaddaya know - the same question and answer with links to article lists can be found on other forums, with different user names.

As a result, I’ve deleted the posts and deleted and banned by IP both users.

Katherine - thanks for taking the time to reply, sorry they turned out to be soulless and morally bankrupt spammers.

All the best,