A Good Wish For Our Scriv. Buddies, and All In The Path Of Hurricane Dorian.

Here’s hoping you and yours stay safe and well.
Keeping fingers crossed for you.
Take care,

Thank you from PBG (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Us rednecks on the SC/GA coast may be getting a big pass on this. Those islands though… woowee… they be hurtin’!

FPSHED2, y’all keep ‘ur heads down when the pink flamingos start flyin’! Stay safe!

Yes, keep safe everyone. I feel so sorry for those poor Bahamians (if that’s what they call themselves!).


If you’re able to and are considering donating, Charity Navigator has a page of highly-rated relief organizations.

Well, both my places escaped unharmed. My buddies up in “the beach” did as well. So other than basic issues it was a non-event for us.

Looks like we are shipping it over to you Vic-k. Just need to get a little hook into it and he’ll park on your doorstep for a bit.

theguardian.com/world/2019/ … in-bahamas
I dread to think how much worse this horror is going to become. They’re gonna need more than all the help they can get. God luv 'em, and all those out there helping.

nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at4.s … t#contents

Looks like Humberto is headed towards Vic-K land. Time to stock up on toilet paper and booze?

Fixed it!

You gotta wipe, though!

IT’S A GIANT BIDET (if you’re protesting in KiWCS outside the pub)