A 'Hello' thread


Looks like there isn’t an up to date ‘Hello’ thread, so just a quick note to introduce myself before I start asking Scrivener questions.

And I have many questions.

I go by DSP, but I’ll answer to David. I live in North London with my wife and Lego collection, and unfortunately, 60 is bearing down on me rather faster than I’d like. I had a career in IT for most of my life, but redundancy and “The Return of Prostate Cancer” arrived at almost exactIy the same time in 2021, so I stopped work and started radiotherapy. All that nonsense seems to have gone away now, but after three years of not working, my bank balance is telling me that it’s time to go and find another job…

I write for fun - never had anything published, but that doesn’t stop me scribbling away. I had a copy of the original Scrivener back in '09, but it seems to have fallen foul of one of my occasional technical ‘spring cleans’, so when I recently decided to revive a half finished novel / NaNoWriMo project from a decade ago, I thought I’d invest in a copy of Scrivener 3.

Having spent the past few days going through the tutorial (and documenting all the errors!), and I have just created a new draft and started creating documents. And the questions / gripes are coming thick and fast. I shall return - with questions - shortly.

But for now, it’s nice to be here and I look forward to getting to know some of you (or all - not sure how many members this forum has) better.



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Welcome back after 14 years! I hope Scrivener 3 keeps you scribbling …


Welcome DSP. Sorry to hear that you have gripes, but I’m sure forum members will help you sort them out.

Just one more thing… :wink:… What platform, what version of the OS? It really helps if we know. I’m guessing Mac, since you joined the forum so long ago.



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Hi Mark,

Yes, running MacOS, Ventura 13.6.3

I’ll post my questions shortly, but they don’t relate to bugs or errors, just Scrivener settings and behaviours that I am keen to find a way of changing.



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