A list of woes - table trouble, font formatting

I tried asking about this on the r/scrivener subreddit, but no dice. I’ll give it a second attempt here before I throw in the towel.

Issue 1:
Table properties gives you the ability to do color fill in tables. About half the time I try this, I end up with a thin white line where for whatever reason, the color fill doesn’t meet the line of the table, as shown in the link.


This white line is not just a display error in the program, it exists in the final document when exported to pdf error. Any idea what is going on? For reference I’m using version

Issue 2.
I recently got around to setting up my old laptop. In my fantasy, I would load up scrivener and go do some work on the go. Unfortunately, Scrivener had other ideas.

I use dropbox as my backup service and to move files around between machines. On my desktop, I’ve carefully set up the work in the document with the formatting presets, customizing each of them according to the project’s needs. I open up the file on the laptop? everything is in arial. All of it. Apparently, scrivener doesn’t seem to know how to read the font formatting settings of scrivener.

And yes, all the fonts involved are installed on both machines. I checked. They are even showing up as an option on the laptop’s font menu. Fortunately, when I open the project back up on my desktop, all the formatting is where it should be. I am just terrified to so much as touch anything on the laptop version for fear that it somehow overwrites everything in arial and I have to go back and hand reformat 80,000 words of text.

Any ideas? Otherwise I’m just going to have to uninstall scrivener from my laptop because it will be completely useless to me.