a new pin ?

me again!
it’s a french simple pin model; may be more legible when colored (coloured) with acute tints .
you can find it here (right click (or ctrl click) and save):


To use it, see here what Eiron explained for the CorkboardPattern.jpg, (adapted by me for the pin):

"For those of you on English systems, I’ll take a stab at installation instructions. It’s fairly easy and safe, but you will be fooling with the Scrivener application package so be careful, backup etc. etc.

Start by using “Download Linked File” on JL’s link.


  1. Quit Scrivener
  2. Control(or Right)-Click on the Scrivener application file and choose “Show Package Contents.”
  3. Drill down to Scrivener/Contents/Resources.
  4. Drag the file CorkboardPin.tif out of the Resources folder and save it somewhere as a backup in case you change your mind and wish to reinstall it.
  5. Replace it with Jean-Louis’ new - and correctly named - CorkboardPin.tif file.
  6. Close the Scrivener Application Package.
  7. Restart Scrivener

That’s it. Just reverse the operation if you prefer the old corkboard."

thank you Eiron and I apologize for your copyright infringement :blush:

To be precise: the reflection on the pin surface is the blue sky seen from my window in Paris.

In that case, I’m sold.

Merci pour le tout petit coin de Paris sur mon ecran.


j’ai pensé à toi!

I do like this full-on customisation that is going on. :slight_smile:

Ah hah!

These are the sort of pins I go looking for when I want things to stay put.

Thank you.