A new type of scrolling while reviewing the text?

Hi all,

I don’t know if it’s possible and it’s me unable to find the right setting.

Let me try to explain, hopefully in decent English.
I love the “typewriter scrolling”, but that works only when you’re writing new text.
Most of the writing process is reviewing, not drafting. Now, especially during the last reviews, when you’re reading a lot and corrections are very few, I’d like to have a new type of scrolling applied while going through the text. A kind of “insertion point scrolling” mode.

The solution I found is to assign a handy shortcut to “Jump to Selection”. I move the insertion point and use the shortcut right after, so the text scrolls where the insertion point is.

Frankly, I’d prefer to have a different “scrolling” mode to activate and full stop. My solution works fine, but it’s distracting while reviewing.

Did I missed an already existing setting?
Any suggestion?

Thank you very much to whoever reads me.

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One thing I don’t understand is that what you say you want is what typewriter scrolling does… (?)
And the alternative, if you just want to scroll back to cursor without actually typing in new text is the shortcut/function you figured. (Edit / Find / Jump to selection.)
What other reasons(s) could the view have to be scrolling ?

Are you saying you want the view to scroll and center the cursor whenever you move it ?

Hi Vincent,

Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

The “typewriter scrolling” works while you’re typing.
The “insertion point scrolling” it would scroll the text just moving the caret – now I have to move the caret and use the shortcut. It would even be enough to have a subsetting of the “typewriter scrolling” like “apply at insertion point move” or something similar, so the text scrolls not only when you type.

Thanks for asking.

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I’m still not quite sure I understand. You want the line with the cursor to always appear in the same place when the document in the Editor changes but you haven’t written anything yet?

Hi fto,

Nope. In the original post I’m talking about reviewing, not drafting. That is, when you have a text to go through. The last reviews are mostly reading, and I want the text scrolling to where the caret is without typing.

Thanks for asking.

Ah, sorry, then unfortunately I don’t know.

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The solution I found is to assign a handy shortcut to “Jump to Selection”. I move the insertion point and use the shortcut right after, so the text scrolls where the insertion point is.

The default behaviour does require two different actions like you describe, as it was in fact designed to be easier on the eyes while reviewing. The place where you put the cursor becomes the “scroll line” until you move to another place, and then that place becomes the scroll line. The old behaviour would scroll the view as soon as you started typing, which felt very chaotic when editing, and lead one to toggle it on and off a lot. With the new method you can “opt in” with the Jump to Selection whenever you’ve finished spot-editing some text, and want to get back to steady linear writing.

But, if you do want the old way, where it always jumps the text around, keeping the cursor at one vertical point on the screen, then enable the Typewriter scrolling always jumps to scroll line option, in the Editing: Options preference tab.

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Hi Amber,

Thanks for taking your time to answer to me.

I already have that option ticked – it doesn’t feel chaotic at all to me.
I find way more tiring looking at a different height of the screen all the time – and that’s why I created configured the shortcut to “Jump to selection” quickly (maintaining the eyes and head at the same height).

The option you suggest doesn’t scroll to the caret line unless you type.
I’m talking about moving the caret with the keyboard arrows (and the other shortcuts to move it) and, instead of seeing the caret moving up or down, seeing the text scrolling and leave the caret at the same height on the screen. That’s it.
It would be like having the “Jump to selection” locked as a behavior.

So, the option is not there.
Can I suggest to evaluate the possibility to add such an option? Even if you consider it a silly request?
I can assure that for me it is not.

Ah. Now I see what you mean.

Couldn’t you design yourself Keyboard Maestro macros that include move up/down + the “jump to selection” shortcut ?

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That’s a cool suggestion, Vincent.

I don’t have Keyboard Maestro, but I know the software.
Awesome. I will consider it.
(Even though it would be even cooler to have a separate setting to activate with a shortcut within Scrivener for re-reading an almost done piece of writing – or, as in my case, whole novels. :grin:)

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I just downloaded the Test version of Keyboard Maestro.

It works like a charm, Vincent!
And the advantage is that I can still use the normal cursor shortcuts to move around normally.
So, it’s even better than what I thought as a solution!

Appreciated! :black_heart:

(Now, let’s buy a license… :slight_smile: )

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I am not a Mac user, but perhaps (if all you need to set are those two small macros) there is a free equivalent somewhere… ?

Anyways, glad I could help.

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Oh, no… That’s just the beginning.
I already have a Masterplan to conquer the world with Keyboard Maestro! :grin:

(Awesome software, actually.)


Using Keyboard Maestro (or a similar app) together with Scrivener is basically a good idea. I’ve automated or changed a lot of things this way that Scrivener doesn’t do the way it fits into my workflow. Be sure to check out the palettes feature as well. They are very useful for keeping an overview. Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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