a new $ Variable

Well maybe it’s not new. Maybe it exists and I just cannot track it down. I’d like to have a $ variable that reflects the name of the document, folder or folder document in the binder. Currently my folders ARE my chapter titles. While it’s not a lot of keystrokes to re-key the title. If things get changed I do have to remember to change them in two places.

Why don’t you just select to have the title included in the Compile Draft options? That would be easier than typing out a $ variable.

Because I can’t format that. I’m using the Novel template, and my chapter headings look like…

                                    CHAPTER ONE
                      Dastardly Dirk Does Dreadful Deeds
                                    CHAPTER ONE
                      Dastardly Dirk Does Dreadful Deeds

Maybe I’m missing something, but that looks fine to me…?

I might use this feature too as my research papers have a hierarchy of levels each requiring different styles.

The same ends could be accomplished by a very different means by enabling a more flexible mapping of heading styles onto Scrivening title text.

However, in the end it is only a bit more work now to enter styled headings and titles in the text and/or touch them up in the word processor.


I’d use this as well in the header when I use Compile Draft. It’d be nice to have the header change to match the document when I print out a multi-doc chapter.