A page count tag

A but like the the one that gives the number of words.

Something like <$pc> that works in headers and footers.

Very much a nice to have, but certainly not world-endingly vital.

The trouble with a page count tag is that when printing, the text is generated first and then laid out in pages for printing. So the page count isn’t known until the pages are are filled with text - after the tags have been swapped out. So adding a page count tag would mean laying out the text internally to get the count, then adding the page count tags in, then laying it out again for printing. And then there would be problems whereby the tag is added in based on the printing mechanisms in Scrivener itself, then the text is exported to a different word processor so that the page count could possibly be slightly different… Leading to bug reports: the page count tag gives the wrong page count when exported to .doc! Etc.
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Yes, I hadn’t thought of any of that.

Okay, forget I said it … :smiley:

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve come across a novel format that asks for a page count anyway.