A Poem

Although I wander the L&L halls, I am not a writer. And, until yesterday, I had little appreciation for poems. Then, I wandered into reading about A Poem (and a Painting) About the Suffering That Hides in Plain Sight.

With the world’s attention on current events (which I think is certainly warranted), my reading of Elisa Gabbert’s article is that Auden’s poem reminds us of the need to expand our watch to include the Icarus falling from the sky, and so, so much more …

In my own simple, pedestrian terms, the need to walk-and-chew gum at the same time.

In my mind, the poem raises so many questions about how we missed, or ignored, the events that led us to this day.

The simplicity of the vehicle Elisa employed to deliver their reading reminded me of the possibilities that exist in communication, particularly in hybrid forms, to deliver thoughts and ideas, even for someone as disinterested and inept at understanding poems as I.


I read that too. It was most interesting and educational and I could relate to it.

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I was impressed with the article’s gentle simplicity.

The author succeeded in simultaneously focusing and maintaining my attention on the poem, the words and the painting.

In our free-wheeling, multi-channel, multi-verse world of communications, Gabbert’s article makes Auden’s poem ring.

For me, such a result is peerless and precious.