A poll about a new Scrivener book on my new Patreon page

Well, we all know why writers start Patreon pages, don’t we? I’ve included a poll about writing a new book about Scrivener, helping users when they get in trouble.

Answer the poll after becoming a Patreon, so I can continue writing full time. Of course, you also receive the latest on my upcoming English science fiction book and the process of getting an already written book published in the USA. And maybe you’ll be able to follow me writing the Troubleshooting Scrivener book, when demand is sufficient.



I’ve added a “Supporter” tier for half the price… Just saying. :smiley:

@AntoniDol: rather than say “[your] upcoming English science fiction book” I would mention at least a little bit about it. title? collection or novel? what kind of sf? all these would help get peole interested. I would also provide a link to your Patreon.

You are quite right.

The coming book’s title is “My year as an alien pet”. It will be a stand-alone novel. I’m in the plotting phase and creating the MC’s backstory as we speak. The kind of SF is hard to say, but it is taking place 50 years in the future, when asteroid mining has just started to be come profitable. Aliens abduct a surveyor of a mining company, and keep him as a pet for a year.

The link to the Patreon page is:

Read the Blurb on the Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/posts/blurb-for-my-as-87327990


the english proverb is ,better safe than sorry, not ,save,
you want people to buy the book when they ,get to it, not ,up to it,
they might need a ,solution to a pressing problem, not ,solution to pressing problem, and ideally you mean ,if, not ,when, on this one
and i assume you,ve cut the list short which is why we don,t see ,i don,t have any problems with scrivener,

Thanks. Unfortunately Patreon won’t let me correct the text of a poll once published. I’ll send them a reminder that the support ticket is still open…

Edit: I’ve deleted and recreated the poll. And since the answers are interesting to me, I’ve also published the poll publicly. So, if you want, you can actually answer it now without having the need to choose a subscription. :slight_smile: