A problem about editing titles in scrivening

I found a problem about editing titles in scrivening.

  1. “View” - “Editor” - “Show Titles in Scrivening”
  2. Select some texts in Binder
  3. On this condition, I can edit titles in Editor.
  4. However, when I input Japanese characters for a title, they aren’t
    displayed correctly.
  5. Titles including Japanese characters are able to be edited (I can
    confirm it on Binder), but can’t be displayed correctly in Editor.
  6. There is no problem with only English characters.


This is a known bug (someone brought it to our attention last week). It’s on the list for fixing, although so far I haven’t been able to find the cause even after a couple of days working on it - it’s a strange one.

Thanks and all the best,