A project-specific dictionary

I don’t know if this is even possible, and even if it is I suspect it would be a tall order, but would it be possible to create a project-specific dictionary to keep character names or made-up terms from being flagged by the spell-checker without having to add those terms to the system wide dictionary? It’s just that sometimes a project with unusual character names can look like a sea of red, and that can make it hard to spot the one true typo in those names/made-up terms, but at the same time adding those names/terms to the user dictionary can cause trouble later on if they happen to be slight variations of others that are in common use.

“Ignore Spelling” should do that for you on Mac - it tells OS X not to flag that word in the current document (and it seems to treat a Scrivener project as a single document). I think it also works that way on Windows.

Thanks, I hadn’t realized that ‘ignore spelling’ treats a project as a single file.

Just a little one- can you please make the Dictionary icon not flash off every time the cursor moves past punctuation marks, it causes a flicker that registers in my vision.

Also, I have been having trouble getting the incorrect spelling highlight to stay on, while turning off the autocorrect, which I find a bit un intuitive/ frequent. Perhaps the autocorrect should only function if I slow down my typing.

Cheers for considering. Nathan