A question about character counting


I just started using Scrivener today and have a question about the character counting option.

Scrivener seems to count a linebreak as a character, and I cannot find a preference or option to exclude linebreaks from being counted as characters.

Is there a way to exclude linebreaks from character counting?

The text statistics menu returns character count with spacing and without spacing, but here is my problem:
Character count with spacing includes both space and linebreaks.
Character count without spacing excludes both space and linebreaks.

What I want is character count that includes space but not linebreaks.

The reason actually relates to the language I am using (which is not English).
I am quite sure that other users who are writing in the same language as I am would probably agree that linebreaks should be excluded from character count.

I really would like this to be added as a preference so we can choose whether to count linebreaks.
For now, I have to copy & paste my text onto MS Word and check characters (including spacing) every time.

Thank you and have a great day!