A question for the plus-size iPhone owners out there...

I’m considering getting a 6s Plus, and I was wondering–

Does the Scrivener extended keyboard row show up in landscape mode on the plus-size iPhone? It sure doesn’t on my iPhone 5c. Of course, on the 5c in landscape mode, if you showed the extended keyboard row, you couldn’t see any text.

For the most part this is pure curiosity, as I’ll likely get the 6s plus regardless of answers, but the question’s nagging at me, and I have no way to find out by myself without spending the $600 I don’t quite have yet… :slight_smile:

The extended keyboard will show up even on the regular 6, let alone the Plus. The main bonus you get with the Plus is that it provides access to the binder sidebar (in simplified form) when in landscape mode. So it’s lot easier to jump between sections on that phone. If you pair it with a foldable Bluetooth keyboard, for maximum screen space, it’s practically a tiny iPad. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Ooooh… definitely going on my Mother’s Day & birthday lists… :smiley:

I now have the 6S Plus iPhone. Er… exactly HOW does one get the binder to show up in landscape mode?

Never mind–I turned off Display Zoom and the binder automagically appeared. :smiley: :smiley: