A Quick Question on Writing History

I have been working in a large project document this year which -for ease of scholarship - I have just split into four, more reasonably sized, projects (separate Scrivener files). I made the split by Saving-As for each new project and then deleting whatever was not properly a part of it (an interesting exercise in itself).

It now seems that the writing history of the mother-project is still present in all of the offspring, and though I’m normally not interested in self-quantification, in this particular case it would be helpful to keep an eye on the relative progress of each of the four.

Is there a way of deleting the writing history and starting each from scratch?


There isn’t a way to do that in the front end, but the file that stores this information can certainly be safely deleted. With the project(s) closed, go into the package, and under the Files subfolder, trash the “writing.history” file. Clean slate!