A Real Book

No, “A Real Book” isn’t the title of the book I’m reading. The title of the book I’m reading is The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin.

What I wanted to post about was that I was reading a real book. A physical book. A book made with paper.

And it is warm. Familiar. Physical. Like having sex again with an old crush after losing touch.

I resisted the Kindle (and especially the Kindle on iPhone), for years. But then I realized that I could either have my books with me everywhere I went and read when I had 10 minutes here or there, or I could make promises to myself to read the paper books sitting on my table and make excuses each time I passed those books walking out the door or crawling into bed.

But when it came time to do research for my work-in-progress, I decided to go with real books. I wanted to write in the margins. Dog-ear corners. Flip back and forth as I determine whether I like the author’s treatment of the topic of if I could add something original to it.

And boy am I glad I did.


Perhaps the single members of the forum can test this hypothesis.
JOHN : “Hello, is that Mary? Yeah, it’s John here. Yeah that’s right, the guy who always wears blue.”
JOHN… : “What? No, I’ve not seen Dave for a while. Anyway that’s not important. Look, I’ve got a favour to ask. I need some help testing something I read on the internet. Can you pop round my place on Saturday?”
JOHN… : “Brilliant. Pick up a copy of the latest Grisham on your way over will you? We’ll need that too.”

That’s funny.