A series of questions and Suggestions for importing and exporting various file formats

After importing all the materials (including various PDF files, Photoshop files, epub files, HTML files and video files, music, game launch ICONS, etc.) into my scrivener project, the total size was 32.5g (more to come…).The advantage is that I don’t have to maintain my scrivener project and the files on my hard drive, and they are still readable and valid when I move them around.The downside is that every time I open my scrivener project, it takes me close to or more than 30 minutes to open.), backup time is faster than open time, which is a waste of time.So I decided to simplify it. The way to simplify it is to export non-text formats (such as TXT text or docx text) that don’t need to be changed frequently, put them on the hard drive, and then import shortcuts.This approach can make the total size of the whole scrivener engineering significantly narrowed, and scrivener’s own video and audio player very humble, use shortcuts to import mode can make the video and music directly call external player, at the same time certain file formats, such as docx file using the word when the speed is faster than the scrivener open text.However, there are some problems with the import and export of the current version, so let me elaborate:1. When exporting, the location of the exported file will be automatically selected as the last exported folder. For example, when I export a file to the desktop, next time I export b file, it will automatically select a folder as the output location.2. Export, will only create a folder at the location of the export, while the other folders and files, and at a lower level will be tiled export to this folder, this let me good classification file within the folder and placed in the seeds of tree structure is meaningless, and when I need to place the various files one by one after the export to the seed folder, it is very trouble.3. Some file formats will not be exported, such as epub file, which seems to be considered as text format, but there is no such format in the option of exporting format, so it will not be exported. I need to go directly to the hard disk location of this epub file to copy or cut it4. When the exported files have HTML files or files in other formats, as long as the export option is not selected, they will not be exported. They seem to be considered as text format, and they are not directly exported like PDF, so I need to select the export option onceThe above problems are not impossible to solve, but the solution is very troublesome, we hope it can be improved.Next, a series of problems with importing as a shortcut.1. First, import to the shortcut. Once the location of the linked file changes, it will not be able to read and open.2. It seems that some files of formats cannot be imported (for example, Photoshop files cannot be imported before, of course they can be imported now, I haven’t tested more files yet, so you need to try them yourself).3. Docx files seem to be forced to be converted to the text format of scrivener when imported. I hope to maintain the shortcut docx so that we can choose whether to import or convert