A Shout-Out for Scrivener

Just wondered if anyone gives a shout-out to Scrivener in their published works? I did:

No, but I’ve sworn at Vic a couple of times.

Only a couple?

Well, when you consider that cussing out Vic-K means reproducing the invective multiple times for each individual manifestation, kitty and devil involved—it can bulk up the word count rather quickly.

Thanks for the nice little note in the colophon, by the way! :slight_smile:

If Vic ever has to cuss me out,
He does it privately.
For that I am most grateful
And consider him
My good friend
Across the sea.

From another thread —

Many a true word spoken (or indeed written) in jest…

Ang on jest a minute!! Wosssgoin on ‘ere?!! :imp: Bunch o’ feckers, y’ nothin’ else!!

I thought Scrivener didn’t work properly, if you didn’t swear at Vic?

Close. The UNIVERSE ends if there is insufficient swearing at vic-k.

Come to think of it, those are pretty much the same.

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