A (Slightly) More Robust Project Notes Manager?

Hey there,

So, I tend to make a LOT of little “project notes” when I’m working because, well, I just love how the Project Notes Manager is integrated into the program. HOWEVER, I’ve recently run into a tiny problem — it seems I have SO MANY project notes a number of them no longer have their own little tab when I maximize the manager window.

Of course, I’m totally able to access the content of these dangling project notes either by command-6-ing or by clicking the “>>” / “more” icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the window and finding them there. The problem is I can’t reorder or re-title these “dangling” project notes like I can the rest which I would really love to do.

I’m wondering if there might be some fix? Either by letting us “scroll” through all of our tabs or maybe allowing us to move / rearrange tabs from the “>>” / “more” box. I dunno. Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance for your time! Absolutely love your program!

Hey guys, any thoughts on this request? Too much? Too niche? Thanks!


Sorry! I thought I’d replied to this. To be honest, at the moment I use a third-party piece of code for the tabs in the project notes area (although such tabs are common on OS X, there is no standard control for them), so I’d have to completely rewrite this to allow scrolling. You can drag things around, but yes, that would be a problem if they are in the menu, because then you wouldn’t be able to drag out of there. And I don’t think that would be possible, because menu controls are standard OS X items and there’s no way to drag out of them. Another solution might be to replace the tab area with a list of notes, either above the editor or to the left of it.

Because this is a bit of a major overhaul, I’ve added this to my 3.0 list of items to put further thought into.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for responding, Keith! Once again — love the program! I sings its praises to every writer I know (which is A LOT)!