A small wish list

Hi! and thanks for a truly great software. It needs some time to get to learn, but as you get used to it gets better and better.
Among some small things I´d wish for is:

  1. in compilation function I wish that you could mark to get an instant view of the created file (like you are able to get in acrobat), it is a bit tiring to have to look up the file you have created everytime you want to check how things look.
    2)I think also the possible filetypes compiled could be a bit more generous (like for Word 2003 doesn´t seem to handle footnotes from my experience. BUT it must be said that the “export” function in the “file” seems to work much better, when I discovered that! Compilation could be improved as far as footnotes and formatting goes.
  2. Another thing I think could be easier is the handling of pictures in the text. Scrivener actually CAN handle pictures quite smartly if you paste for ex a pic straight from photoshop into the text and right click to zoom as it suit you. How ever picture handling could be made a bit better ( I know it´s not the MAIN thing in Scrivener, but you are so close…)
    I also miss the possiblilty to use columns inside scrivener, particulary if you are writing a scientific paper.

/yours fransmo


Thanks for the kind words.

You can already do this for PDF using Print and preview. If you mean for other formats, then that is impossible, as there is no way Scrivener could show you exactly how an RTF file would look in Word or an ePub file look in iBooks without it having the entire code base of those other programs built in.

Footnotes are all supported, but you should use RTF for exporting to Word (or .doc, which just uses RTF under the surface in Scrivener’s export). Scrivener uses OS X’s built-in exporters for .docx and suchlike (the same as TextEdit), which don’t support footnotes. As a one-man development team it isn’t possible for me to write custom exporters for all of these formats, unfortunately. However, I have extended the RTF exporter to do almost everything - footnotes, headers, footers, images and so on - and RTF can be opened by all major word processors, including Word 2003. So, there should be no problem getting things out to Word.

You can also double-click on an image to zoom it - resizing pictures is pretty straightforward, so I’m unclear on what you are having problems with.

You can set it up to export in columns (to RTF, for Word) - see the “Layout” pane in Compile when exporting to RTF. There are no plans for full column support at the moment (although not ruled out for 3.0 or 4.0) - Scrivener isn’t intended as a full page layout program.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again, and all the best,

/yours fransmo