A software clash with WORD ?

A problem with WORD javascript:emoticon(’:roll:’)
When I am working in Scrivener ( of course! ) and I press Back up in the file menu. My project is backed up into a folder that I have created on my desktop specifically for Scrivener back ups. The backed up projects appear there with their .scriv labels. However when I doulble click on them to check them, they launch THE HORRIBLE WORD programme.
How can I stop this ? I have looked at the preferences in Scrivener and at the help facility, but can find nothing.
Is there I wonder a connection to this problem with Word, to my other as yet unsolved problem " Disappearing documents leaving their titles behind them"
( See earlier post.)

What icon are .scriv files appearing with in the Finder? If they have the Word document icon, then it sounds as though somehow you have accidentally associated them with Word. If that is the case, then you need to select a .scriv file in the Finder, hit cmd-I to call Get Info, then in the Get Info panel select “Scrivener” from the Open With… pop-up button and click on “Change All…”.


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Sorry I seem to have posted this just now as a reply to my other post javascript:emoticon(’:!:’)
It is of course addressed to the post about WORD.
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Thank you Keith. That has worked perfectly.

Can you possibly also help me with my outstanding issue (Posted on Tues 21st August " Disappearing documents."?
I have discovered that the photographs that have replaced the RTFD text, come from a website, that I had the url for,included as a file in the binder of the same project that has become corrupted. Does that make sense ?
Thank you.