A successful author's advice

I must be too much a guy. I just don’t ‘get’ romance novels. But success there isn’t that different from success in other areas, so you might want to read Digital Book World’s interview of bestselling romance novelist Marie Force at:

digitalbookworld.com/2013/an … id=2643450

Here are samples:

Maybe I should give Facebook some attention. This is a bit depressing though:

That makes me wonder if she has time for romance in her own life. And here is what she says is one key to her success:

In other words, freebies to draw them in and a series to keep them coming. Then there’s this advice:

And yet despite all that work, she still closes with this:

–Michael W. Perry, Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments

Wow - interesting article. Type of books aside (they’re not my thing either but I do know some guys that read them - truly!), I think she’s done the hard work and is reaping the rewards.

The only group sadder than romance writers…
Are romance readers.
We know someone who reads one a day.
Needless to say, not happily married. :bulb:

Well, she’s making a living, apparently. So did galley slaves.



Droo’s posts always read like poetry to me. I can imagine someone reading them out loud in a smoke-filled(*) jazz club during open mike poetry night, sipping Lagavulin and wearing a dark oyster beret. Not grey, dark oyster.

A Season Of Poems by Druid

(*) you can still smoke in jazz clubs, right? I mean those aren’t subject to the non-smoking laws that apply to all the other buildings?

He’s norra poet!! :open_mouth: He’s a cranky old fecker!!

Gosh, move over Rod McKuen. :open_mouth:
I would write in haiku if I could

The apparition of these scribblers in a crowd
Petals on a wet, black bough.

The funky residue of a bad Compile sequence
My words rot in swill, the revenge of Amber.

Thanks, PF, thee of a noble name 8)

Humph. LOOK who’s talkin’ ! :smiling_imp:


SAy what you will about the genre, but some of the most supportive people I’ve met of new and unpublished writers are romance novel writers. shrugs

Every man cannot become a professional writer because every person don’t have this quality. Few person are selected for special task. I am not professional writer. I have tried to do this job but unable to continue it because of my busy scheduled

Try to get suggestion from a sucessful writer. But keep in mind that you will follow his/her all advice. Then these things help you to become writer.

I didn’t either, until I read that “romance is just pornography for women.” Very simple, isn’t it? We’re not so different after all!

Thanks for sharing. Duly noted!

I wonder about that, too. I am passionate about my favorite authors but I just don’t see myself being a “groupie,” even if only online and on occasion!

Ah, I wouldn’t worry about it. She’s doing it ‘cause she wants to. Sure she’s busy, but she could be busy flippin’ burgers, too. Don’t feel sorry for her! :wink:

Yeah, well, that’s been like forever; freebies at the library, traditionally, and a series, yes, and series characters who change over each installment. Just like daytime TV!