A suggestion for the "learned words" list

I looked for a “wish list” thread, this is the closest I could find. :slight_smile:

I wanted to make some suggestions about the user defined dictionaries/word lists/spellcheck lists (not sure which is the correct term). I will try to be brief, but I tend to get a little wordy when I am trying to make sure I am not misunderstood or I am trying to make a case for something.

First suggestion: Every program that I have come across so far that lets the user add words to a user defined word list for spell checking uses that list for all documents. This was true for the version of WordStar that I used on an old c/pm machine, even though it let you use more than one user dictionary.

As someone who hopes to do more than just dabble in writing (though that is a struggle), I add terms and names to the lists that are specific to the story (dare I say or dream series?) in which they are used. It would be nice to have the option of having Scrivener learn the words by adding them to either a global user defined word list, or a project specific word list (and even be able to link one project’s word list to another project’s word list in the event that a series becomes a reality). I believe this suggestion is applicable to other forms of writing and other types of writers as well (Legal, thesis, research, corporate, etc.)

Second suggestion: I have yet to come across a program that doesn’t make the user add a separate word for a name, the name’s possessive form, and (where applicable) the plural form.

I think it would be cool if we could let scrivener know the “word” we are asking it to learn is a name, which would then be added to a separate “name” list (instead of the user defined word list). Anything in this list would be auto-corrected to use an initial cap, have the possessive form recognized without it having to be added, and even correct for the plural and possessive plural forms.

Well, mull it over and see what you think, Lunarclipper

The ability to add project specific nouns and phrases is already in, using the Project/Auto-Complete List feature. This isn’t tied in to the spelling system though, not because we don’t think that would be useless, but because it is technically difficult to do—and that’s true for both platforms as well. On the Mac it is even worse because there is only one spelling file to rule the entire operating system. :slight_smile: Downside of having spellchecking in everything under the sun. So you end up with proper nouns in your Google search field. Yeah, it definitely would be nice though. The main problem with the idea though is that spellcheck is a pretty involved and somewhat complicated process. So both platforms are relying upon external systems for both the algorithms and the data lists. Windows uses aspell, which is a popular open source spelling project.

There might be a way to do it though; and if a way is ever found I don’t think there would be any philosophical argument over whether or not it should happen. If a word is declared in the auto-complete list for that project, it makes sense to treat it with a great level of respect.

Ah, the joys and hassles of technology: It makes are life more complicatedly easy, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways, Lunarclipper

Browsing through the ASpell directory (where Scrivener was installed) shows a dict directory. In there are files which define the language and variations. The syntax for indicating variations looks to be quite simple and in plain text.

You could selectively “point” to a variation in a project specific directory. This would be re-written when the project is opened.